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Responsibility of Building Use

The group or individual using the facility is responsible for set up, clean up, and return to normal setup after the event.
  1. Collect all garbage into bags and remove to the dumpster in the alley.
  2. Wipe off tables. (there are cleaning caddies in kitchen with towels and disinfectant spray)
  3. Return all tables, chairs and other equipment to their original location after your event.
  4. Sweep floors and mop as needed
  5. Remove any items put up on walls or set out in connection with your event.
  6. If the building is not in use when finished, please check that all lights are off and doors are locked.
  7. If using kitchen:
  8. - Please wash and ry all dishes used and return them to their correct location. (most areas are labeled to help with this)
    - Wipe counters and leave kitchen clean and ready for the next use.

    Washcloths, towels, brooms, mops and all cleaning supplies can be found in kitchen and laundry room. Please return these items when you are done using them, dirty items can be left on washer in laundry room.